Laurie Brister
Preschool Director
I have always wanted to be a teacher and have been working with young children since 1979. I graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a dual major in Psychology and Early Childhood Education. I began my career working in a private cooperative nursery school. As my children grew, I began working in the public school system, but, after several years, found that the public school setting just was not for me-or my children...I quit to do extensive volunteer work, and my children went into private schools. I have learned a lot from my children's experiences in their different academic environments and have come to realize that children need individualized, loving attention to thrive. I feel blessed to be working at Glenwood Country Day School. I love the small class sizes and being able to create hands-on activities to enhance learning. In my continued education, I have become trained and certified in Linda Mood Bell's Visualizing and Verbalizing and love taking classes to be the best teacher that I can.
Mary Harp
Upon graduating from Frostburg State University in 1997, I began my career as a substitute teacher for Carroll County Public Schools. I substitute taught in 15 schools across Carroll County, working in pre-k through fifth grade. I also filled in for Music, Art, and Physical Education classes. During the summers, I worked at the YMCA as a camp counselor. I began working at Glenwood Country Day School in September of 2001 as the 4/5's teacher. I also had the opportunity to co-teach with the other teachers, working with children of different ages, as well as teaching in the summer camp program. In 2010, I wanted to take an adventure to the west coast to Oregon where I lived for five years. While in Oregon, I took classes in Early Childhood Development at Chemeketa Community Collage and worked as a teacher at The Providence/Benedictine Child Development Center. While there I worked with infants through school age children. In 2015, I returned to Maryland and came back to Glenwood Country Day School teaching in the 2/3 year old classroom. This year, I have children who are 18 months through 2 years old. I enjoy teaching and working with children because I love watching them learn and grow. Their minds are like little sponges that absorb so much knowledge that is given to them. It never ceases to amaze me how much children learn from their teachers and peers. I love watching how children shadow what they see other children and teachers doing. For me, this means their little brains are hard at work learning new things all the time.
Marisa Poland
Ever since I was little, I always knew in my heart what I wanted to do - be a teacher of young children. In high school, I tutored elementary-aged children. Growing up in New York, from the time I started working, every summer, I was employed at day camps. As an undergraduate, I studied at Towson University, in which I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education. After graduation, I became a resident of Maryland and began my teaching career working in preschools / nursery schools. While working, I continue to further my education in Early Childhood by attending various workshops and conferences which helps me to help my students be very successful in school. It also helps me become the best possible teacher. I am very happy to be a part of Glenwood Country Day School. I enjoy teaching children new things and expanding on what they already know. My love for teaching will never change!
Samantha Knox
This is my second year as a teacher. I graduated from Towson University in 2014. I earned a bachelor of science degree in psychology. I have taken many courses in early childhood education and have been certified in specialty areas. I am credentialed by the state of Maryland to teach Early Childhood Education. I love taking the opportunity to learn more. I am also a lifeguard here at the summer camp. I am always busy when I'm not at the school! I coach competitive cheerleading and love every minute of it. I truly love working with children and am very happy to have the opportunity to educate and watch my students grow!
Shannel Lewis
This is my first year at Glenwood Country Day School(GCDS). I graduated from McDaniel College with a bachelors degree in Psychology. I attained my masters degree in Biotechnology Management in 2015.I have also completed all required Maryland State Department of Education coursework to be an Early Childhood teacher. Before teaching at GCDS, I taught for District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) children ages 3-6. Then, I taught at High Road Schools, teaching children ages 14-21 years of age. I believe all children need a loving, warm, environment to prosper and grow. I enjoy teaching at GCDS. It provides a multitude of educational opportunities and allows for personal growth. I am learning a lot of great new things and I am surrounded by wonderful staff.